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Download Shooting Game Blast Up

Game: Blastup v2
Size: 564.7 kB
Category: Shooting Game, Simple Game, Arcade Game

This game is a simple-hit-the-other-guy with a grenade or something. There are 13 landscape theme you can play with

Control Keys:
angle: left and right keyboard
power of shot: up and down in your keyboard
to see other weapon/option: left click on the screen

in the game you can click on the screen to see other features, such as:
1. translocator: used to change your position, limited only 5 times
2. Grenade: bomb with few second delay to explode
3. Bazooka: instantly explode
4. Rocket Launcher: limited only 5 times
5. Acid: you can make a hole with it. Limited only 5 times
6. Duck: kind of bomb that can move on water - just like a duck

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Download Game Blastup v2, here or here